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The J.BO Foundation

~ opening new doors in communities of color through the game of golf ~


Jordan is committed to leaving a legacy that goes well beyond his play on the golf course. He recognizes that golf is a game of privilege and understands how lucky he was to have access to it from a young age. After realizing all the benefits the game has had for him in his life, he wants to expose the next generation to all the opportunities golf can provide.


Provide minority golfers with resources to enhance their playing ability in an effort to help more minorities reach the PGA and LPGA Tours.
Provide college scholarships to individuals looking to play at the collegiate level.
Provide exposure to the many opportunities within the golf industry outside of competitive golf. 


The J.BO Foundation will create relationships with public school districts across the country within our targeted communities. These relationships will be used to hold events at school campuses and public venues to increase awareness about golf and the golf industry.

The J.BO Foundation will hold ten golf clinics annually. These clinics will allow kids to receive one on one interaction with professional golfers and instructors from similar communities as them. They will also receive information on how they can get involved in both competitive golf and the golf industry.

The J.BO Foundation will hold three speaking engagements annually. The location of these events will be ongoing with a focus on cities with a large minority population. Each event will be highlighted by a panel of recognized individuals within the sport. 

A College scholarship fund will be created for youth interested in exploring opportunities in the golf industry and those wanting to compete at the collegiate level. 

The J.BO Foundation will host an annual national junior golf tournament.  The event will be open to boys and girls under the age of 18 and help promote minority golf talent across the country.

Looking for more information? Want to know how you can get involved or become a sponsor?

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